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Arctic Sierra Tower (Crystal Onyx Floor Lamp) 1/2

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The onyx lamp displayed in this photo is 63" Tall 10"x10" Square 

A truly incredible color of onyx stone. Blue is the most rare for nature to create into a physical stone. 

This is a Luxury gemstone tower lamp. All of our stone is sourced through a 3 generation relationship straight from the quarry in central Mexico. What you are seeing is quality stone that only this kind of relationship with the mine can produce. What you are getting is access to the good “Rough” and top quality Crystal/Stone by shopping with the Vilona family! 

Vilona Onyx lamps are the perfect way to add a touch of nature to your home. Each lamp is made from natural onyx stone, and is hand-crafted to create a unique, one-of-a-kind piece. The soft light from this gorgeous piece will make your home warm and inviting, while the natural beauty of onyx stone will bring peace and tranquility into your life.

Although there are several onyx that look similar to this one in stock, each onyx lamp is slightly different in its color and 'banding' That is because no two onyx pieces are identical as they are natural materials and each are one of a kind just like a fingerprint!

Due to the natural material of the Onyx, the diameters are typically rounded up or down to the nearest eighth of an inch. (What you see in this listing is what you get)