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Welcome to Vilona Onyx! We are your premier source for natural onyx stone products. We work directly with mines in Mexico in order to bring you this level of onyx crystals. What you are seeing is quality stone that only this kind of relationship with the mine can produce. What you are getting is access to the good “Rough” and top quality Crystal/Stone by shopping with the Vilona family!  In addition, we have our own cutting and polishing units in Mexico, so you can be confident that you're getting the best service for your time. Customer service is our top priority, so please don't hesitate to ask questions or make custom requests. We look forward to working with you! All of our items ship from Colorado USA. Vilona Onyx 303-815-4731

Dylan Vilona

Tangerine Sierra Crystal Onyx

Tangerine Sierra Crystal Onyx


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Dahlia Claire

 Dahlia Claire Onyx Lamps have stunning pink inclusions and intriguing abstract banding. Dahlia Claire lamps impart a glow like no other.

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Ashen Glow

Ashen Glow has a lovely Silver/Gold "Band" of crystal. This type of onyx is absolutely stunning. Vilona Onyx is proud to be the Highest Quality Possible. 

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Golden Aqua Tower

This is a collector quality piece of onyx. This Golden Aqua Tower has a lovely Green/Gold "Band" of crystal. This type of onyx is great for any Office, Living Room, Or Bedroom.

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