Fluorite Crystal Wall Panels (Set #5 Out Of 7)

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Measurements per piece - there are 2 wall panels, both are 20" Wide x 47" Tall.

We sell our wall panels as a Pair.

Illuminate Your Space with the Radiance of Fluorite stone.

Introducing our exquisite new collection of hand-crafted Fluorite & Onyx Wall Panels, crafted from precious Fluorite crystal stone. Each panel emanates opulence and sophistication, infusing your space with a mesmerizing glow that transcends conventional decor. Meticulously hand-crafted by the esteemed Vilona family, these luminous treasures are more than just wall panels—they are a testament to unrivaled artistry and luxury.

Discover the Magic of Fluorite: From Our Trusted Quarry of 46 Years in Mexico, the magic of our Fluorite & Onyx Wall Panels lies in the rich composition of the Fluorite crystal, sourced from our quarry. In simple terms, Fluorite is a captivating fusion of transparent and vibrant hues, reminiscent of a kaleidoscope of colors. Just like a masterpiece painted by nature itself, each Fluorite crystal brings forth a symphony of purples, greens, and blues, creating a stunning tapestry of beauty within every panel. This means that when you adorn your space with these Fluorite or Onyx Wall Panels, you're inviting a piece of Mexico's natural wonder into your home—a testament to art and luxury like no other.

Elevate Your Space: Where Art Meets Luxury

Unveil the allure of our Fluorite & Onyx Wall Panels—an embodiment of art and luxury that elevates any interior to new heights. These hand-crafted masterpieces, forged from nature's own canvas, radiate with an unmistakable brilliance, transforming your space into a sanctuary of opulence. Let the enchanting glow of the Fluorite Onyx Wall Panels weave a story of timeless elegance within your living spaces, where art meets luxury in its purest form.

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