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Golden Cloud Large (Tower) Onyx Crystal Floor Lamp

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The onyx lamp displayed in this photo is (55" Tall 12" x 12")

Welcome to our world of beauty!

The Golden Cloud tower is nothing short of stunning. Its band of yellow and white crystal is simply breathtaking and it's sure to turn heads.

If you're looking for quality lamps, look no further than Vilona. Our family has been a part of Mexico's mining industry for over 45 years, giving us access to the world's finest raw materials. Each Vilona onyx lamp is hand-crafted by skilled artisans and is nothing short of a masterpiece.

For those who appreciate the beauty of nature, Vilona Onyx lamps are the perfect choice. Made from genuine onyx stone, each lamp is a unique piece of art that's sure to impress. Our Vilona family features many unique designs of lamps and large agate inlayed tables to inspire the beauty of your space.

Get ready to invite natural beauty into your home! Each Vilona onyx lamp is crafted from the finest onyx stone, yielding a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece. The soft light of this gorgeous lamp will make your living space warm and inviting, while the tranquility and peace of onyx stone will have a calming effect. And, yes, our Vilona onyx lamps are slightly different in color and banding, but that's precisely because no two onyx stones are alike. Just like a fingerprint, each piece is one-of-a-kind.(What you see in this listing is the lamp you will receive) 

Due to the natural material of the Onyx, the diameters are typically rounded up or down to the nearest eighth of an inch. 

Lamp comes pre installed with a 5000k, 9W, LED, Dimmable light bulb.

All of our lamps are dimmable. (Requires additional upgrade)

(Pre-Installed felt pads on the bottom of the lamp)

Golden Cloud Large (Tower) Onyx Crystal Floor Lamp - Vilona Onyx
Golden Cloud Large (Tower) Onyx Crystal Floor Lamp - Vilona Onyx
Golden Cloud Large (Tower) Onyx Crystal Floor Lamp - Vilona Onyx
Golden Cloud Large (Tower) Onyx Crystal Floor Lamp - Vilona Onyx

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